Will there be an A.T.M.?

Yes. There is an ATM located on site at the Caledonia Fairgrounds.

Are dogs allowed at the fairgrounds?

Sorry, Scotty Dog will have to stay at home unless he's a service dog.

What happens if it rains? Is there a rain date?

The show must go on! Rain or shine the festival will go ahead as planned. Check the weather and dress accordingly.

Do I have to be Scottish or Irish to attend?

Of course not! While the Celtic Festival aims to celebrate all that is Celtic, everyone is welcome.

Is Celtic pronounced "Sell-tick" or "Kell-tick"?

Both. Traditionalists will tell you the hard 'k' sound is the only way to go because the Welsh and Irish use the 'c' as a hard 'k' sound. Though that pronunciation is actually believed to have only been adopted in the 20th century. The soft 's' sound isn't necessarily any more right, however. The argument is that in most cases in the English language  a 'c' followed by an 'e' produces a soft 's' sound - cereal, cedar, celebrity - and so on. But we all know how reliable and consistent the English language is - throw, beau, go... Continue to pronounce it how you like. Just be ready for a debate.

Can I come in costume?

YES! We can not stress enough how welcome you are to come in costume from a kilt to full Highland Dress.

Do I have to come in costume?

Not at all. If you're more comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, that's just fine.

Is this going to be an annual event?

We sure hope so!

Will you be selling tickets at the door?

Yes we will. But you can save some money by buying them online now.

I took some great pics and want to share them on Instagram and Facebook. Do you have an official hastag?

We'd love to see you having a kiltastic time! Loop us into the fun by using #CaledoniaCelticFest so we can see you getting your Celtic on. 

Was Braveheart a real person?

He sure was. Though his name was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace as portrayed in the movie. Both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce are credited in leading the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against England, however. The accuracy of the movie is up for debate.

Is Outlander based on a true story?

Um, sadly no. However, a cardboard cut-out of Jamie Fraser has been known to appear at the Fraser Clan Tent. You could keep an eye out for him there.

Is Game of Thrones Celtic?

Not really. George R. R. Martin's literature is purely fantasy. Though it's safe to say it borrows from Celtic lore pretty heavily.